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(including Cell Phones) – Usage should never disturb another person or violate another person’s expectation of privacy at the club.

1. Electronic Devices must be silenced while you are in/on Club property.

2. Electronic Devices must not be used as a phone except in the Paddle House, in the Pool House, in the lower level of the Clubhouse and in the Parking Lots.

3. Electronic Devices must not be used for any purpose in the Bar, the Dining Room and the Grill.

4. Members and Guests in swim suits must remain in the pool area or on the Lower Terrace.  Persons in swim suits are not permitted on the Upper Terrace or in the Club House except to use the Locker Rooms.

5. Members, children (whether accompanied by parents or not), and guests should dress appropriately for the use of club facilities within the context of the traditions and surroundings of The Town Club.

6. Casual attire is appropriate except as follows:

a. Main Dining Room – Jackets for gentlemen in the evenings except for Sundays.

b. Bar – Jackets for gentlemen in the evenings before 7:30 p.m. except for Sundays.

c. Jeans, t-shirts and athletic clothing are not appropriate in the clubhouse.

d. Athletic clothing, except swim suits, is appropriate on the upper terrace.

7. No dogs are permitted on Club grounds.



1. All players, including guests, other than guests in team uniforms playing for a team in a match, are required to wear appropriate tennis clothing that is at least 90% white, other than warm-ups, sweaters, jackets, hats, socks, leggings under skirts and shoes. White clothing shall have no advertising except for the Town Club or similar small logos. Men, 18 years and older, shall wear a shirt with a collar.

2. Members must accompany their guests and sign a chit for the charge and the GuestRegister in the Pro Shop.

3. “Check in” at the Pro Shop is required before playing on your reserved court. Reservations, which include permanent court times, are held for 15 minutes past the starting time and then the court will be declared open.

4. Players and spectators shall not walk across or behind a court while a point is being played. Players are responsible to act so other players are not disturbed either by action or undue noise.

5. Do not play on any courts without soft-soled shoes. Basketball, running and heavy ridged shoes are NOT ALLOWED.

6. No reservations accepted for clay courts from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to allow for watering and court maintenance as needed.

7. Maintenance to clay courts takes priority over reservations at all times.




2. All non-swimmers and children under age 8 (regardless of swimming ability) must be accompanied by: (a) a person (16 years of age or older) in the member's immediate family or (b) his or her grandparents (if such persons are members of the Club); provided, however, that any such persons who have passed The Town Club swim lessons Beginner III program may be supervised up to four times per year as a Resident Guest by any person (16 years of age or older) in another member’s immediate family.

3. All non-swimmers (including children who have not passed the beginner’s level) shall remain in the shallow end (north side of rope) of the pool unless accompanied by the person supervising the child under Section 2.

4. No outside children's equipment, including playpens and strollers, are to be brought into pool areas.

5. Children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper at all times while using the pool.

6. Members and Guests in swimming suits must remain in the pool area of the Lower Terrace and are not permitted on the Upper Terrace or in the Club House, except the locker rooms.

7. No food is to be taken into the immediate pool area. This includes candy bars, candy, gum, gold fish and pretzels. Beverages must be in plastic containers.

8. All swimmers must wear swimming suits.  Cut-offs, shorts, etc. are not permitted.

9. Absolutely no running in pool area.  Running games are not permitted.

10. No dunking.  The safety of a non-swimmer may be endangered.

11. No smoking in the immediate pool area.

12. No glass objects allowed in pool area.

13. Adults may use either the regular locker room or the dressing rooms.  All children under 16 years of age will use only the pool house dressing rooms.



1. Outerwear suitable to an active game is recommended.

2. Tennis shoes MUST be worn.  Boots or other heavy footwear will damage the court surface.

3. Players have the responsibility to keep the equipment, courts, and premises in order.

4. Do not put salt or other chemicals on the courts to melt the ice as this can damage the courts.

5. Rules for the use of the Warming House are available in detail in the Clubhouse and are posted in the Warming House.

6. The Paddle House should be left in a tidy condition, with refuse properly disposed of.

7. Please avoid hitting court surface with paddles as chipping will result.  Please avoid hitting nets, net chords and screens with paddles to avoid damage.

8. Only brooms and plastic shovels may be used for snow removal.