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Welcome to Platform Tennis at The Town Club

Welcome to platform tennis at The Town Club where we have over 200 members playing our 4 courts from September through April in leagues, regular games, social events, open play, Club tournaments and state tournaments. We have the largest platform tennis complex in the state and a history dating back to 1977 of hosting, along with Milwaukee Country Club, the State Closed Platform Tennis Championship. The Town Club is truly where champions play – along with over 200 other members.

Here is a brief primer. Platform tennis is an outdoor racquet sport generally played in cool or cold weather, combining the best elements of tennis with racquetball and squash. The court is smaller than a tennis court and is surrounded by tightly strung, heavily gauged wire fencing (also known as screens) that lets players keep the ball in play after the ball hits off the court and then the screens. As the name suggests platform tennis generally takes place on a raised platform, allowing for heaters underneath the deck that can melt off the winter elements of snow and ice. The surface of the court is gritted to prevent participants from slipping in wet weather.

Platform tennis is a doubles sport with two players on each side of the 34” high net. It can be a fast-paced game of speed, power and quick thinking. It can also be a game of finesse, patience and strategy. It can be highly competitive or just plain social. It is what you make it and it can be played by everyone from 5 to 95, well-conditioned athletes and arm chair warriors. Absolutely everyone can play and enjoy it. Those with some racquet skills tend to pick up the game more quickly but previous experience hitting a ball with any kind of club or racquet is not necessary.

The nature of the game lends itself perfectly to partnering experienced players with new ones, allowing beginners to pick up the finer points of the game in a match environment. Also, the pace of the game in a match is controlled by the players. So, while they need to be quick, both on their feet and in their thinking, the game can be just as exciting for less agile competitors.

For more information on the sport and to view some videos including videos of games with national champions, see:

(American Platform Tennis Association)

For a link to instructional and competition videos