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Thank you for your interest in a career at The Town Club. 

We seek highly motivated individuals who are eager to join an organization with a commitment to excellence. The Town Club has many longstanding traditions of impeccable service, exceptional social events and dining, superior facilities, and uncompromising attention to detail. Our team works together to create a truly bespoke experience from the minute our members walk through the door.


Job Openings

Related Titles: Busser; Runner; Waiter’s Assistant; Banquet Bus Person; Food Runner
Reports to: Dining Room Manager; Food and Beverage Director
Education and/or Experience
  • High School diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Minimum of one year work experience in a upscale dining environment preferred
Job Knowledge, Core Competencies and Expectations
  • Follows all club guidelines pertaining to table setting, order taking and sequence of service.
  • Knows and is able to communicate the menu items and daily specials.
  • Knowledge of and ability to perform required role during emergency situations.
Job Summary (Essential Functions)
Set and clean dining room tables before, during and after meal service; assist food servers with miscellaneous tasks.
Job Tasks/Duties
  • Assists Servers in their set-up, service and clean-up tasks.
  • Serves water as members and guests are seated.
  • Assists in carrying food trays to tables.
  • Removes soiled dishes from table; brings to dish-washing area.
  • Removes soiled linen and replaces with clean linen.
  • Sets tables with silverware, glassware and other items when needed.
  • Cleans dining room areas.
  • Stocks servers’ station with supplies.
  • Dusts chairs before and after meals.
  • Keeps ice bins and buckets filled.
  • Sets-up, empties and cleans salad bar.
  • Cleans and stores child high chairs and booster seats.
  • Collects soiled linen from dining room; transfers to linen pick-up area.
  • Takes packaged take-out orders to reception stand for member pick-up.
  • Folds napkins and bread basket linens.
  • Cleans-up spills, broken service ware and attends to similar problems during service with minimal disruption to diners.
  • May assist banquet personnel in setting-up, serving and cleaning up after banquet functions.
  • Attends pre-service training (line-up meeting).
  • Moves tables and chairs as needed for the next member and guest diners.
  • Re-sets tables at end of shift for the next meal period.
  • Performs other appropriate duties as assigned.

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Reports to: Dining Room Supervisor; Food and Beverage Director
Education and/or Experience
  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
  • Two years of professional wait service experience in an upscale setting preferred.
Job Knowledge, Core Competencies and Expectations
  • Greet and acknowledge members and guests by last name.
  • Is knowledgeable of the dining, private event and beverage menus
  • Ability to time the service of each course and execute established service time frames.
  • Learns members’ last names and their special preferences.
  • Works well in a fast-paced, team environment
Job Summary (Essential Functions)
Provide food and beverage service to club members and guests.
Job Tasks/Duties
  • Sets up side station and performs assigned side (prep) work.
  • Provides immediate attention to all members and guests upon seating.
  • Makes sure that children are in the appropriate type of seat and are safe and secure.
  • Distributes food and wine menus; answers questions.
  • Fills glasses with ice water and suggests menu items.
  • Ensure that the correct account numbers and names are given for billing.
  • Efficiently serves food and drinks in a friendly, personable and courteous manner, offers suggestions on daily specials and wine selections.
  • Places orders with kitchen; informs cooks about any special cooking instructions.
  • Assembles food on tray; procures items from each station as necessary. Helps fellow team members assemble food trays and run food during peak periods.
  • Serves meals; places dishes by courses in front of each person.
  • Checks back to ensure member and guest satisfaction; replenishes water and butter as necessary.
  • Removes soiled dishes. Clears tables after each course and resets them with appropriate silverware.
  • Presents dessert menus, suggests and serves dessert, coffee and after-dinner drinks.
  • Verifies accuracy of prices, state and federal taxes, tips and other charges on all checks.
  • Reviews and presents the final bill to members and validates member signatures
  • Keeps dining room and server station areas clean at all times.
  • Clears, cleans and resets tables that have been vacated immediately.
  • Advises supervisor of any complaints as soon as they occur.
  • Performs opening and closing duties as assigned by manager.
  • Performs related private event/club event set up tasks.
  • Cleans all assigned work areas in kitchen and banquet areas for private events and club events.
  • Assist in private event/club event closing functions such as removing linen, bussing glasses, dishes, silverware, etc. and resetting the room for the next function.
  • Attends pre-meal meetings, staff meetings and training meetings as requested by the Food and Beverage Supervisor.
  • Thanks members and guests; invites them to return.
  • Consistently follows local and state laws and the club’s policies and procedures for the service of alcoholic beverages to members and guests.
  • Performs other appropriate duties assigned by the Food and Beverage Supervisor and Food and Beverage Director.
Licenses and Special Requirements
  • Food safety certification.
  • Of legal age to serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Alcoholic beverage certification.
Physical Demands and Work Environment
  • Required to stand for long periods and walk, climb stairs, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, bend, stretch
    and twist or reach.
  • Push, pull or lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Continuous repetitive motions.
  • Work in hot, humid and noisy environment.

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Reports to: Sous Chef
Job Type: Part-time
Pay: $12.00 - $16.00 per hour
Supervises: No supervisory duties are included in this position.
Education, Certification and Experience
  • High School diploma or GED.
Job Knowledge, Core Competencies and Expectations
  • Ensure that kitchen area is kept clean and tidy at all times to prevent any health or safety hazards.
  • Wash dishes, glassware, utensils, pots and pans and other small wares according to equipment operating requirements and the club’s standard operating procedures.
  • Report all accidents, illnesses or “near-miss” incidents immediately to manager on duty or supervisor.
  • Knowledge of and ability to perform required role during emergency situations.
Job Summary (Essential Functions)
Responsible for general cleanliness of the main kitchen dish area and other Food and Beverage kitchen prep areas. Wash and properly store all cooking utensils, china equipment, flatware and glassware.
Job Tasks/Duties
  • Washes all wares in dishwashing machine or by hand according to applicable food safety
    and other codes and regulations.
  • Collects trash from kitchen areas; empties garbage cans and washes and re-lines with new bags;
    breaks down boxes, crates and removes debris.
  • Examines garbage for misplaced silverware, dishes, glassware and other reusable items.
  • Washes and polishes all stainless steel in the kitchen including shelves, dish cabinets,
    ice machines, coffee area, refrigerators and walk-ins.
  • Washes and cleans receiving, trash and other kitchen-related areas.
  • Sweeps and mops kitchen floors.
  • Stores all dishes and other wares in proper areas.
  • Cleans dish machine and dish area according to pre-established schedule.
  • Performs other tasks such as assisting in food preparation, storing foods after delivery and cleaning coolers, freezers and storerooms.
  • Maintains inventories of soap, chemicals and paper towels.
  • Transfers supplies and equipment between storage and work areas.
  • Handles all china and glassware carefully to minimize breakage.
  • Continuously inspects floors in kitchen areas to assure they remain clean, dry and clear of debris.
  • Assists in completing weekly kitchen cleaning and maintenance list.
  • Cleans and safely stores all brooms, mops and other cleaning equipment in proper places.
  • Uses all chemical cleaning supplies in a safe and careful manner.
  • Helps food servers by prioritizing the washing of specified service items.
  • Understands and consistently follows proper sanitation practices including those for personal hygiene.
  • Attends departmental staff meetings.
  • Performs other appropriate tasks assigned by the Executive Chef and Sous Chefs
Physical Demands and Work Environment
  • Required to stand for long periods and walk, climb stairs, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, bend, stretch
    and twist or reach.
  • Push, pull or lift up to 50 pounds.
  • Continuous repetitive motions.
  • Work in hot, humid, and noisy environment.

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Reports to: Dining Room Supervisor; Food and Beverage Director      
Education and/or Experience
  • One year related experience or training.
Job Knowledge, Core Competencies and Expectations
  • Ability to develop and maintain awareness of occupational hazards and safety precautions; skilled in following safety practices and recognizing hazards.
  • Knowledge of and ability to perform required role during emergency situations.
Job Summary (Essential Functions)
Ensures prompt and polite service to the members and guests. Serves as the liaison between the kitchen and servers. Carries food trays to appropriate tables and serves food to guests. Responsible for preparing service stations, clearing and resetting tables, removing all trays from the dining/banquet rooms and cleaning and closing service stations.
Job Tasks/Duties
  • Assists servers.
  • Ensures all service stations in the kitchen are stocked and ready for service.
  • Ensures plated hot food leaves the kitchen quickly.
  • Carefully matches all food items to correct orders.
  • Carries food trays to tables using the correct seat positions on the ticket
  • Maintains cleanliness of service stations in kitchen while ensuring that the kitchen is free from clutter and that the kitchen floor is a clean and safe work area.
  • Ensures that bread, soup and other food products are available.
  • Ensures that all items in “to go” orders are correctly assembled and labels them by stapling the ticket to the bag.
  • Wipes up spills or drips on the rims of dishes and ensures the consistency of plate presentation.
  • Assists Server Assistants in the dining room with clearing soiled dishes, filling waters and setting the dining room.
  • Breaks down and cleans service stations in the kitchen at the end of the shift.
  • Reports complaints to manager on duty when received.
  • Opens meeting rooms and function areas prior to the start of the meetings and functions.
  • Empties trash from meeting rooms and function areas.
  • Verifies that all scheduled functions are set according to Banquet Event Order specifications.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and order of all public areas adjacent to banquet functions.
  • Responsible for storing equipment and materials properly and in the correct areas.
  • Ensures that all storerooms and equipment storage areas are orderly and clean.
  • Sets up indoor meeting and outdoor banquet function areas with the appropriate equipment and materials, including tables, chairs, glasses, china and any other items requested.
  • Inspects equipment for defects, cleanliness or any maintenance that needs to be completed and reported to supervisor.
  • Sets lighting, props, floral arrangement, decorations, etc., as specified in the Banquet Event Orders.
  • Responsible for setting coffee breaks according to Food and Beverage standards.
  • Retrieves and returns function linens to proper locations.
  • Prepares all banquet functions for the following day according to the supervisor’s directions and Banquet Event Order.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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Looking for highly motivated Host Staff who would like to join our growing team at The Town Club. Applicants must be able to work well with others and always have a positive mindset.

Host Responsibilities
  • Must be able to read menus
  • Must be able to articulate clear greetings and farewells to Members, as well as being able to understand requests for assistance
  • Must be able to clearly communicate Member's needs to Bussers, Managers, etc.
  • Must be able to hear well in a loud environment in order to answer telephone and respond to Member's requests
  • Must be able to walk and stand during entire shift
  • Must be able to reach, bend, stoop and wipe
  • Must be able to carry trays or supplies (10-30 lbs.)
  • A desire to help out where needed and work as part of a team
  • Passion for providing extraordinary service
  • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
Summary of Pay Plan & Benefits
Higher Hourly Rate with Tip Pool
Tips per The Town Club Policy
Job Type: Part-time/Full Time
Additional Compensation:
  • Employee Meals Provided
  • Health Insurance Available for Full Time Employees After 30 Days
Work Location:
  • One location
  • Flexible schedule
  • Excellent Compensation in Comparison to Industry Averages
Pay Frequency:
  • Bi weekly or Twice monthly
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends required
  • Holidays required
  • Day shift
  • Night shift
  • On call


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Reports to: Aquatic Directors
Classification: Seasonal, Part Time
Education and/or Experience
  • Some High School required.
  • Ability to swim laps and dive to the bottom of the pool.
Job Knowledge, Core Competencies and Expectations
  • Adequate knowledge of and training in pool chemistry, rescue and surveillance techniques, CPR/AED and blood-borne pathogens.
  • Participates in pool safety programs and risk management.
  • Employs only those methods and teaching techniques outlined and approved by the American Red Cross.
  • Knowledge of and ability to perform required role in emergency situations.
Job Summary (Essential Functions)
Implement all water safety policies and procedures. Supervise members and guests in and around the swimming pool.
Job Tasks/Duties
  • Vacuums pool bottom; empties automatic skimmer; skims bugs and other debris from surface to prepare pool for daily use.
  • Supervises and observes swimmers at all times to ensure their safety.
  • Administers care to swimmers’ minor injuries such as small cuts and bruises.
  • Maintains amenities in and cleanliness of changing rooms, bathrooms and showers.
  • Assists in organizing clinics and private swimming lessons for members as directed by the Swimming Pool Manager or instructors.
  • Enforces rules of conduct at the pool.
  • Checks first aid supplies and reports needed items.
  • Organizes and monitors pool games at all times; suggests pool-side games.
  • Places rescue tube and ring buoy on the lifeguard chair in the morning; returns these and all swimming aids and pool toys to the lifeguard locker when the pool closes.
  • Straightens the pool and cabana areas at the end of the day.
  • Maintains all necessary records determined by the Swimming Pool Manager.
  • Attends all meetings as directed by the Swimming Pool Manager.
  • Implements all pool safety equipment.
  • Performs required pool pre-opening duties.
  • Informs swimming pool manager about unresolved member or guest disruptions that could cause a safety problem.
  • Performs other appropriate tasks assigned by the Swimming Pool Manager.
Licenses and Special Requirements
  • Must have current Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate.
  • American Red Cross Basic First Aid required, training on AED units and possession of a current Red Cross CPR card.
Physical Demands and Work Environment
  • Ability to bend, stretch, twist or reach, walk, stand, stoop, climb stairs, balance and/or crouch.
  • Continuous repetitive motions.
  • Physical exertion over long periods of time.
  • Work in hot and humid environment.

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Reports to: Summer Maintenance Lead
Supervises: No supervisory duties included in this position.
Job Knowledge, Core Competencies and Expectations
  • Familiarity with tennis court surface materials, cleaning agents, and solvents a plus but not required.
  • Work in compliance of OSHA regulations (specifically Section 28) and club’s health and safety policies and procedures. Handle hazardous substances according to the WHMIS regulations.
  • Familiarity with the game and rules of tennis an asset.
  • Knowledge of and ability to perform required role during emergency situations.
Job Summary (Essential Functions)
Perform daily cleaning and maintenance of courts and areas adjacent to courts. Maintain and repair tennis maintenance machines and equipment.
Job Tasks/Duties
  • Prepares tennis facilities for members every morning and afternoon using the facility checklist.
  • Waters, rolls, drags surface and sweeps lines of clay courts.
  • Blows debris and dust from surface of hard courts.
  • Builds-up low spots, shaves high spots, dusts (plugs or feathers material) on all clay courts.
  • Keeps court tapes, nets, fences and gates in good condition.
  • Applies calcium chloride on clay courts.
  • Keeps algae and moss from forming through chemical and manual agitation.
  • Blows sidewalks; empties trash from court, and facility receptacles.
  • Cleans Tennis Shop windows.
  • Blows and cleans terrace areas; puts chairs in neat order and empties ashtrays.
  • Replenishes supplies such as ice, towels and cups.
  • Trims grass at court edges and prevents weed growth at court edges.
  • Cleans court drainage gutters, drains and catch basins.
  • Installs, removes and repairs court wind screen and keeps them neat and tight on the fences.
  • Keeps Supervisor informed as to court conditions.
  • Performs any additional tasks needed to keep tennis courts and surrounding areas in good order.
  • Operates roller, court sweeps, blower, and other equipment needed to maintain courts.
  • Tunes, changes oil in, greases and fuels maintenance machines and equipment.
  • Performs up-keep of all interior and outdoor lighting for tennis courts, changing all lights within reach by hand or by ladder.
  • Ensures proper quantity and quality of towels at all times and takes dirty towels to the laundry.
  • Attends any required staff meetings.
  • Performs any other assigned tasks by the Lead Grounds Supervisor
Licenses and Special Requirements: None
Physical Demands and Work Environment
  • Continuous standing, walking, bending, lifting, pulling, pushing and squatting.
  • Frequent use of light machinery and hand-held tools.
  • Frequent lifting and moving of objects.
Job Type: Full-time Seasonal

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